Savoir Faire finish

Jason and Josh tell us how they feel at the finish

Interview with Capts. Hamish Reid and Nick Dennison

Hamish and Nick are the only other pair to have rowed around Britain. They attended the finish and talk here about the comparisons between their journey in 2010 and this year’s race.

Video from Savoir Faire

Jason on the conditions encountered on rounding the corner at John O’Groats:

Ships that pass in the night: Savoir Faire July 10

Savoir Faire rowing hard July 09

Jason of Savoir Faire on tide charts July 06

Jason and Josh of Savoir Faire July 05

GBRow2013 Winners The Islanders passing the Dome, shot from the Thames Clipper by Peter Banks

Strong to the Finish – the final hundred yards for the Islanders

The Islanders cross the finish line

VIDEO Best Wishes for Savoir Faire from the Islanders, 19.45 June 27

VIDEO INTERVIEW with the Islanders 19.30BST June 27

VIDEO The Islanders rowing at 04.00BST June 20

A short clip of the Islanders rowing strongly at 4am just north of Aberdeen as they set out for today’s big row across the edge of the North Sea.

VIDEO Jason McKinlay of Savoir Faire June 19

Jason reflects on the contrast between current calm conditions and the storms of previous days.

VIDEO The Islanders at Corryvreckan June 17

The Islanders cross two of the dangerous whirlpools in the Sound of Jura:

VIDEO from the Islanders June 16

The Islanders encounter a group of seals off the Isle of Skye:

VIDEO The Islanders: Sunrise over the North Channel June 16

Josh and James at the oars as the Islanders cross the North Channel on their way from the Irish coast to Scotland:


Video posted last night by Jason of Savoir Faire reflecting on their progress during yesterday.

They are approaching the crossing to Scotland but an unexpected westerly wind slowed down progress.

YOUTUBE VIDEO of Savoir Faire June 15

Latest video from Savoir Faire in the Irish Sea south of Belfast June 15.

VIDEO The Islanders in the Irish Sea Jun 14

Josh Taylor and Alan Morgan of the Islanders put together a video blog while at anchor yesterday in stormy conditions off the coast of Northern Ireland. They reflect on the amazing first two weeks of racing, since the world’s toughest rowing race began at London’s Tower Bridge back on June 1.


VIDEO The Islanders encounter a pod of dolphins

Great footage of dolphins leaping around the boat (from the Islanders Facebook page):

VIDEO The Islanders

Race Director Chris Usborne travelled out to meet The Islanders as they passed Lands End at sunset on June 05, interviewing them from a motorboat. Subjects discussed included their calorie intake of 5000 calories a day, and 3-4 hours sleep patterns.

VIDEO David Hosking, Team Hallin

David Hosking, Skipper of Team Hallin, tells how the failure of their autohelm forced them to retire from the race.

VIDEO from Savoir Faire


VIDEO Oarsome Adventures

Oarsome Adventures filmed off the tip of Land’s End when things were still going well for them…

VIDEO Pure Gym go fishing

While waiting for their tow yesterday following total electrical failure, the crew of team Pure Gym had time to do a little fishing. They managed to land a decent sized mackerel…



Race Director Chris Usborne looks back on an amazing day in the world’s toughest rowing race which saw three boats being rescued.

DON’T MISS THIS! Official video of the start

Footage of the race start last Saturday now published showing the Royal Rowing Barge Gloriana leading the GB Row contestants under Tower Bridge at the start of their 2000 mile voyage. Some great views of Gloriana, the teams and a surprisingly busy river at 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning.

The six teams are chasing the current world record for completing the gruelling journey though some of the most treacherous waters on the planet. The current record stands at 26 days 21 hours and 14 minutes. The first boat to break that record will win a £100,000 bounty – the richest prize in rowing anywhere in the world. Race Director Chris Usborne said: “The weather is perfect for a fast start.” The first crew to beat the fastest-time record of 26 days 21 hrs 14 mins will win a £100,000 BONUS – the world’s richest rowing prize.