The Coast Girls

Boat no. 1

Retired from GBRow 2013 at Ramsgate on June 6


Boat name: Pendovey Swift.
Crewed by two women – the only women’s pair in the race. Their 24-foot-long boat is painted red because they are raising money for the Fire fighters’ Charity.


Name: Charlene Ayres
Age: 23
From: Llynharry near Cardiff. Rows with Cardiff Rowing Club.

Profile: Beautician Charlene Ayres has long dreamed of rowing around Britain. At one point she even contemplated rowing the 2,000 miles around Britain on her own but Atlantic rower Sally Kettle came to the rescue in April and they are now rowing as a pair.

Height: 5ft 11ins Weight: 12st 4lbs

Name: Sally Kettle

Age: 36

From: Kingston on Thames, Surrey. Married to ocean rower Clint Evans.
Hometown: Northampton.

Profile: Adventurer and documentary maker Sally Kettle – a female Bear Grylls – came to Charlene’s rescue. Sally became the first woman ever to row the Atlantic twice from East to West. In 2003 she set off with her partner and boyfriend Marcus to row the Atlantic. Six days later they were back in port after Marcus suffered an epileptic fit. So Sally’s mother, Sarah – who had never rowed before in her life – stepped in at the last minute to help her row across the Atlantic in 106 days.

In 2006, Sally was in a team of four women attempting to row the Atlantic. With 2,000 miles gone and 1,000 still to go, they were hit by 40-foot waves and 40-knot winds. During the storm one of their team, Jo Davies, fell and injured her back. She was airlifted from the boat, leaving Sally along with Sue McMillan and Claire Mills to complete the race.

Sally has also crossed the Atlantic in a racing yacht as part of the Clipper Round the World Challenge.
Height: 5ft 7in Weight: 10.5 stone
CHARITY: The Coast Girls are raising money for the fire fighter’s charity because five years ago Charlene’s mum, Janette, had to be rescued from the bedroom of her blazing home in Llynharry, near Cardiff.