New Blog from Josh Tarr on Savoir Faire.

Savoir Faire Josh Tarr2Incredible day yesterday. We made a big push and covered much more distance than we’d hoped with both of us on the oars. We both needed to eat and rest so I stayed on for a couple hours whilst Jay got some food and very little sleep! At that point where Jay closed the hatch and I was left with a light northerly wind pushing us in the right direction, the rowing was very easy.

I settled in for a couple minutes reflecting on some of what we’ve been through and it felt like we were now being allowed to cruise home. It sounds strange but it felt like we’d done it, past all the adversity, the unfavourable weather, the technically challenging parts of the British Isles and now this last part is a formality. I shouldn’t speak too soon because rowing 90 miles down to and up the Thames is as good a challenge as any but in relation to what we’ve already done it feels very comfortable.

  With all this in mind, I had a moment, music on, looking past the stern there was some city lights and that light orange haze all around them. I tipped my head back to look straight up and it was one of the clearest skies we’ve had. If this was a film then it could easily have run the credits at that point.

 Big love, JT x

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