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The race consists of two teams, both with 4 team members but with very different boats:

The Women:

The SeaGals, are an all-female crew, including a 23-year-old Royal Navy nurse currently awaiting posting to Afghanistan, a film maker, a wheelchair-bound ex-Marine grandmother, and an IT support manager. The Seagals are rowing in a 24-foot-long single hull boat, Go Commando.

Profiles of the Girls Team 'The Seagals' »

Two of the Seagals training in Go Commando at Gosport

The Men:

The Misfits, an all-male crew, led by experienced ocean rower Olly Hicks, includes a Falklands veteran, a wild boar breeder and a novice competitive rower. The men are rowing the trimaran Orca.

Profiles of the Boys Team 'The Misfits' »

Trimaran 'Orca' on launch day (Girls in Go Commando on right)

The crews are not allowed to receive any outside assistance, or pit-stop in ports. They will carry all their food for the journey and use a special on-board water maker that turns sea into drinking water.

The girls team are aboard 'Go Commando', a boat similar to the one which set the current world record in 2005.

The boys team 'The Misfits' are rowing in a radically different style of boat, the trimaran 'Orca' which has recently completed a transatlantic row.

The 2005 GB Row Team

This is the 2005 team who broke the World Record:

Lt William

Lt Ben Jesty

Sgt James

William Turnage

The 2005 GB Row Challenge was undertaken by a four man team led by William de Laszlo. Will is now President of the Anglo American Boat Club who are the organisers of the 2010 event.
Click on the photographs to view each team member's profile.