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New World Record set on 23 July in Virgin GB Row 2010
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Virgin Group and Virgin Media

Virgin Group and Virgin Media have sponsored the Virgin Trophy, the main prize for which the teams in Virgin GB Row 2010 are competing, and Virgin Money Giving are providing the online donation service for the event.


The Samsung Wave is the next generation mobile phone from Samsung, featuring a brighter, clearer and less reflective display. With the best viewing quality ever available on a mobile, they're ideal for use in even the brightest light conditions. Which is why we're delighted that they've been issued to the competing teams in this year's race.


The Entrepreneurs Business Academy

The EBA have provided substantial administrative support for GB Row 2010 through EBA staff member William de Laszlo, leader of the 2005 record setting rowers. The Entrepreneurs' Business Academy is a unique and highly practical one stop resource for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, providing a range of courses , events and materials that give step-by-step guidance for entrepreneurs on their business journey.