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Samsung Wave phones used by the crews
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51 days 16 hours 42 minutes
New World Record set on 23 July in Virgin GB Row 2010
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Date Event
Dec 2009
Register interest, make a commitment to the race
Jan 2010
Get your boat and start fitting it out
Jan 2010
Initial deposit made for registration
Feb 2010
Information and Support pack to all Teams who have applied
Feb 2010
Training in full swing - allocate skills training needed (duplication is good)
Mar 2010
Boats should be ready - launch and conduct Sea Trials (fault find, capsize drills, night at sea etc)
Apr 2010
Develop Sea trials and intensify training regime. Check all mandated equipment works and can be used effectively
Apr 2010
Final payments made for registration
May 2010
Comprehensive checks on boats, store provisions and check seaworthiness, conduct advanced team working checks .
Jun 2010
Launch from under Tower Bridge in London
26 days 21 hours 14 minutes - New World Record